Saturday, January 21, 2006

Long time no read...

I haven't post since long time now. Hopefully, I'll try to maintain this blog. The thing is : you post. It's fun. You post to yourself. It's getting boring. You don't get feedback. You give up. This is mainly the lifecycle of the average personal blog around the web I guess. So I've made a personal arrangment with myself. To post thing here has it comes out of my head and has the title of this blog mention, be lazy. But intelligently lazy... you know.

Speaking of being lazy, lets talk a bit about lazy friendly application frameworks, or what some other people like to call RAD framework of rapid application development frameworks. If you're a web developer and haven't heard or Ruby on Rails, then... man... that's BAD laziness, you know? Bad! the kind of laziness that leads you to end up with nothing! Not even some frozen dinner to eat or some starwars t-shirt full of holes smelling buritos flavor doritos 3d, N-O-T-H-I-N-G! You get my point. What was I talking about already? A yeah:

I think Rails popularity is based on the fact that people are lazy. Yeah! really! I mean if you know what Rails is about, one of the sentences that comes around a lot when reading about it was ... "code less"! The framework comes fully packed with scripts and libs that, with a couple of command in the prompt, pops-up a fully functional web app in no time. Plus, all well structured in a directory structure and beautifully following the MVC pattern. Not to mention some other cool paterns like Martin Fowlers ActiveRecord.

Rails also inspired some other good frameworks, like Castle for the .NET framework : Which is more then a port... well... It couldn't be anyway since ruby is a dynamic script language and .NET a static compiled one.


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